Whole Wheat Matzo – 1 Lb “Well Done” (נשרפים)


The only farm to seder table matzo on the market.

Matzo products certifed kosher for passover by Rabbi Avrohom Mamorstein of Mehadrin Kashrus.

Flour is yoshon and made from locally grown, Yiddish Farm grain.

There are approximately 7 matzos in a pound (box).

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“Well Done” matzos are predominately black in color, with hints of charcoal that excite the palate.

Flour is yoshon and made from locally grown Yiddish Farm grain. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, no nonesense.  Grain grown using organic methods.

Baked in the Vizhnitz Matzo Bakery in Monsey, NY under the Kosher Supervision of Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein of Mehadrin Kashrus. Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein started the Kosher La-Mehadrin hechsher in 1989. He has semicha from Beth Medrash Govoha (Lakewood) and is a member of the National Council of Synagogue Rabbis of Agudath Yisrael. Rabbi Marmorstein is author of Halachos of the Seder, Halachos of Purim, and Bartenura; co-author of Yad Yoledes. He leads Cong. Minchas Chinuch on the Upper West Side.

There are approx 7 matzos in a pound (box). One pound boxes are sold by weight not number of matz

Improvements have been made to packing:

Ship-To-Me Customers’ corrugated boxes are packed with bubble wrap. *We do our best to pack our matzos so they don’t break in transit, however it is impossible for us to guarantee that they will arrive whole. We put bubble wrap between every matzo.  We have tested this method of packing by dropping a box from over our heads and letting it fall on the ground. During testing (don’t worry your matzo was not “tested”), this worked and matzos were whole. Please select “local pick up” to pick up your matzos in person.

Our grain is cultivated and milled by Goshen, NY farmer Yisroel Bass. With beard and sidelocks, Yisroel Bass does not have the appearance of a typical American farmer. However, since 2011, he has been tirelessly to manage all aspects of production for Yiddish Farm. He ensures that the grains and crops meet the highest organic standards and he continues building up most of the farm’s infrastructure from scratch. In addition to farming, Yisroel enjoys sailing and writing.

We have affixed stickers to our kraft boxes this year due to quality and supply chain issues with our printed box supplier. They look great and the matzos are of course delicious!

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Weight 1.45 lbs
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