Yiddish Farm Vegetable
אונדזער פאַרעם איז ענקער פאַרעם

מיר נעמען אױף גרופּעס פון 10 ביז 800 קינדער

װעלט באַרימטע שװאַרצע ערד פעלדער
קאַרטאָפל, װײץ, ספּעלט, גרינע שױט אַרבעס, אא״װ
געאײגנט פאַר קעמפּס, חדרים, און מײדל שולעס
מע גײט נישט אַהײם מיט לײדיגע הענט
Flour, Cookies, Crackers
World Famous Shmura Matzo
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About Yiddish Farm

We provide experiential outdoor education to Yiddish speaking children in the greater New York area. Our tours and demonstrations leave impressions that last a lifetime. Children come to the farm to enjoy nature and leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of farming, the environment, and sustainability. Our fields, where we grow wheat, spelt, squash, potatoes and blueberries, serve as an outdoor classroom for science, botany, conservation and issues surrounding land use. Visit our farm stand below to place an order for our unique "Eretz Goshen" brand products and produce.

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ברענגט אײער קעמפ צו דער פאַרם

Yiddish Farm Stand

Yiddish Farm produces wheat and spelt flour, Coolie(tm), cookies, crackers, nursery starts and the only farm-to-seder table matzo on the market! Our grains are grown and stone-milled right here in bucolic Goshen, New York. You can order online, or find our Eretz Goshen brand products locally at Pro Health 13th ave, Supreme Health, Weingarten, Sage, Laundau's (Monroe), Feder's, Rockland Kosher, Hatzluche, Evergreen and All Fresh.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you excited by the prospect of being able to speak (or learning to speak!) Yiddish in a gorgeous, natural environment? Say no more! Put your Yiddish to good use on the farm! We have multiple opportunities available, be sure to fill out our volunteer form to come lend a helping hand.

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Visit Yiddish Farm

Are you a school or individual, and want to see for yourself the amazing work we've done as well as our glorious farm? Come visit us for a shabbes or yom tov, or make a day trip for your kinderlach on chol hamoed.

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The Yiddish Farm exists thanks to the generous support afforded to us by donors like you and the continued support of The Opaline Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.

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