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Yiddish Farm Vegetable
אונדזער פאַרעם איז ענקער פאַרעם
װעלט באַרימטע שװאַרצע ערד פעלדער
קאַרטאָפל, װײץ, ספּעלט, גרינע שױט אַרבעס, אא״װ
געאײגנט פאַר קעמפּס, חדרים, און מײדל שולעס
מע גײט נישט אַהײם מיט לײדיגע הענט
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About Yiddish Farm

Since 2012 we have provided experiential outdoor education to Yiddish speaking children in the greater New York area. Our programming is uniquely presented in a way that is appropriate, engaging and memorable for today's Chassidic youth. Schools, camps and families return to the farm year after year to see our production first hand and learn through hands on immersion. In addition to tour groups we host private events and produce kosher and organic food that is widely enjoyed. We are in the process of writing a line of Yiddish language children books that will bring home the lessons learned on the farm. The organization is run by Yisroel Bass and his wife Yonit Leah, and a dedicated group of volunteers.
The Yiddish Farm exists thanks to the generous support afforded to us by donors like you and the continued support of The Opaline Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.

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