I still don't get it. What is Yiddish Farm?

We are an organic farm in Goshen, NY that runs Yiddish educational and cultural programs. Ultimately, we intend to establish a Yiddish-speaking agricultural community.

Does everyone speak Yiddish?

Some Yiddish Farm programs are for people who already speak Yiddish, and others are open to all.

Where is Yiddish Farm?

We are located one hour outside of New York City in Goshen, New York. The address is 71 Dzierzek Lane New Hampton, NY 10958

What is the level of religious observance?

Although Yiddish Farm attracts people from a wide range of observances, all of our programs are shomer-shabbos and shomer-kashrus.

Do you teach Yiddish?

We offer informal opportunities for people to practice speaking Yiddish, as well as a beginner's summer program for those who do not yet speak the language.

How do I apply to the Yiddish Farm Summer Program?

Please visit our programs page. If you cannot find what you need, email info@yiddishfarm.org

Where can I buy Yiddish Farm produce?

During the summer, our produce is available in Kiryas Joel at the following markets: Landau's, Grandfoods, Frankels, Health Mart, and Feder's Restaurant.  We are currently planning a garlic CSA in the New York city area. For more information, please email Naftali Ejdelman.



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